Autistic People Should Rock The Neurodiversity

Autistic People should rock the neurodiversity, because, quite frankly, if we didn’t, the world would be fucking boring.

Seriously, it would be boring.  People on the spectrum add colour to an otherwise drab existence, especially in these days of capitalism.  Now, the Dark Ages – that was some pretty interesting times right there.  Horrific, for sure, but interesting.  So obviously, “normal people” can put forth quite the party when they want to.

But it takes someone on the spectrum to turn around when the world says “we must all fit into these boxes here” and snigger “fuck the boxes.  I’ll be living over here in my hypercube”.

Yee Hah…  Go and Google THAT my sweets *insert crazy laughter*

Ok, so slapping back to the real world for a minute… It seems that so many dumb fucks are putting “Autistic people should be killed” into Google, that it comes up as the first suggestion when you type “Autistic people should”…  And so someone here, had the awesome idea to start a Flash Blog on the subject, so that we can get rid of such nonsense.

And this is my contribution piece.

I think that Autistic people should rock the neurodiversity!!!  Not just embrace it, but rock it completely into a hypercube existence.

Ok, that really did make sense in my head.

What I mean is that I am seeing a lot of people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) standing up and saying “I am human too.  I have rights too.  I have just as much right in any area of life as you do – including the right to be left the hell alone and not forced to be someone I am not”.  And this is fantastic.  It’s awesome.

However except for a select few, most people are still very timid about it all.  And who can blame them, while we still have electric shocks for kids with ASD who don’t conform.  And even if you could somehow tell yourself “yeah, but that is over THERE, and I am over HERE” – there is still discrimination, ostracism, and a lack of willingness to accommodate in any way whatsoever.  Oh, and fuckwits wanting us all to die.  Or be cured, which is the same thing.

So we are timid.  And that is understandable.

But… We should be rocking the neurodiversity.  We should be standing tall and proud and shouting from the rooftops that we are PROUD to be Autistic.  We ARE a culture all our own, and we should own it!  Instead of constantly trying to fit in to the “normal world”, why not create our own?  Some have already started… there are workplaces now that hire only people on the spectrum.  I have never worked at one of these places, but I’d bet my arse that if I started flapping at my desk, no one is going to look twice, let alone give an actual shit.

Please do not assume that I want this as a long-term solution mind you – Segregation is not the answer.  And that is what creating, and sticking to, our own culture would be.  It would be us segregating ourselves.  However until we feel safe to come out of the ASD closet, I think it may be a useful tool to use.  I think we should allow ourselves the opportunity to live in OUR world for a while.  While we get on our feet, and while we show “normal people” just how fucking spectacular we can be when we are allowed to fly to the hypercube and be free.  And then, we can perhaps truly integrate all together and have it not be such a big deal any more that some of us are different.  Then perhaps, people will stop wishing us all dead.

We should rock the neurodiversity!  Embrace who we truly are and live the lives that we were all born to live.

Disability consumer and activist. Pissed off since 1995... Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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