Scrapbooking Camp and Disability

I went to a scrapbooking camp on the weekend.  As usual, it was awesome – well organised, good food, decent accommodation, and best of all – cheap 🙂

Luckily for me, I had access to a support worker for the weekend.  F came with me and helped get my meals (buffet style), make my bed up (we had to supply our own linen), and open the door and get my wheelchair over the raised door threshold to the hall.  She also helped with things like asking people to move their chairs when I had to get past, move bags and the like that were in the way when their owners were not around, and keep the door to the disability toilet open (it was self-closing and very heavy *head meet wall*).  And pick up things that I dropped on the floor *just call me butter fingers*.

There is no way I could have done the weekend without her help.   Well, I could, but not without dislocating a lot more than I did.  And possibly falling down a fair bit.  Usually I can only sit at a table for a minimal amount of time, maybe fifteen minutes, before I start to get sore, or things start to slip out of place.  So the wheelchair really was necessary.

Indeed, Friday night, after a day of travelling (it took over three hours to get there), and some scrapbooking time, and a too-soft bed (I am Goldilocks – my bed needs to be not too hard and not too soft, but just right!), I was in more pain than I have been in for a long time.  I didn’t want to wake F, who was exhausted, so I got in my chair, had some morphine (which I still have a small supply of for special occasions), and went outside for a smoke to give the pills time to work.  I went back to bed after my smoke and cried for a while into my pillow.  Usually I get angry when in pain – anger helps my mind and body deal with it – but that night, it was too much for that – anger also requires energy, and I had none.  I ended up going back to sleep, and while I had a shit of a day on Saturday pain-wise, I did get some scrapbooking done, and had as a good a time as could be expected.

Sunday was better – I had a decent sleep on Saturday night, which helped, and no middle of the night pain issues.

These camps are really hard for me.  Don’t get wrong – I love them and really enjoy going and look forward to each one like they are life itself (and in a way, they are!) – but, they are still really hard.  Physically obviously, but also emotionally.  As an Aspie, the constant noise isn’t that bad per se, as I can tune out when I focus on what I am doing, but the constant new faces and old faces that I don’t really remember, and people talking to me, and interruptions, and busy busy busy the whole time – it is emotionally exhausting.  Intellectually I do enjoy it!  My body lets me know how much it does not enjoy itself however – each camp I have had the same intestinal issues lmao.  These usually right themselves soon after I get home though, so it’s all good.  It really is like my body is going mad at me!

Speaking of going mad, the Maxie cat wasn’t too impressed either.  She knows when we are going away, so when the bags came out on Friday and I started packing, she started smooching!  I’ve been home over 24 hours now, and she hasn’t left my side the whole time!  I am not her favourite, but still, she must love me ❤

The kids were more forgiving.  They were fine when they left for school, and when I came home, I got huge cuddles and kisses, but ten minutes later they were over it lol.  I have been told that this is a good sign of secure kids, so I am not complaining.

All in all, I had a good time, got a fair bit of work done, helped convert my support worker to the world of scrapbooking, and am not going to rest up this week to recuperate!

Not that they will read this, but I would like to thank my support worker for coming with me – she is only paid for a certain number of hours per day, so she volunteered the rest of the time!  I’d like to thank D, who runs these camps, and is the Aspie Whisperer, as well as awesome when it comes to making accommodations for me in the realm of my physical disability.  And I would like to thank the rest of the mob at camp, who didn’t go mad at the learner wheelchair user who sometimes forgot to look behind her before reversing, and sometimes misjudged the positioning of her wheels and bumped the odd bag on the floor.  Everyone was really very understanding, and I really appreciated all the extra help when F wasn’t around (especially the ladies at my table who ensured I was fed and watered <3).


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2 comments on “Scrapbooking Camp and Disability
  1. ouremuk66 says:

    I really enjoy reading from your perspective as it helps me to understand my aspie children and how they might feel after certain events. I am sorry to hear your pain was so bad but it sounds like a very interesting weekend 🙂

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