Diary – The Versatile Blogger Award

Two fellow bloggers – Annarosemeeds and Snababo, have awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.

I find this an extraordinary gesture, and I wish to thank both of them greatly for the honour of thinking of me.  On both occasions, I got a little teary *shy smile*

From what I can gather, the Versatile Blogger Award is a chain letter type award.  Once someone has tagged you, you “win” and then you tag others.  And in the meantime, you have to tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself that they may not previously know.  Well, I’m hardly shy online, so here are my seven things right here! *grin*

*  One of my stims is picking at my skin around my toes.  It’s really embarrassing, so I thought I would get that one out of the way straight up.

*  I have danced on a bar Coyote Ugly style.  In Tokyo.

*  The first time I saw snow was in South Korea – I woke up, went for a walk, and wondered what that white shit was around the trunks of the trees.

*  The second time I saw snow was in Japan – I went to the toilet with the door open (and the kitchen window open) and could see the neighbours roof.  It was usually a dark colour, but on this morning, it was white.  It took me a minute to figure out it was snow, and I immediately rang Australia (wildly pulling my pants up while reaching for the phone) to call BJ and let him know it had snowed!!!

*  I am really very shy in real life.  Not that I am shy per se, but I am scared of saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing in the wrong way, and so I usually just don’t speak at all.

*  I am a full-blown lesbian, even though I have a husband.  That has never been a secret but some of you may not know yet.

*  I am an Agnostic Wiccan.  That is to say, that while I don’t believe there is a Moon Goddess, I do believe in following the teachings of Wicca, and find tools such as Tarot Cards and Runes useful in figuring out what is bothering me (even if I don’t believe they can tell me the future etc etc).  I LOVE crystals and find them energising – not because I believe they contain power per se, but because I believe I give them power myself.  I do believe in an universal energy however, and I do believe that there is much we do not know nor could possibly comprehend when it comes to the ways of the universe.

So there are my seven things.  And while I am also supposed to “tag” 15 other bloggers for an award, I do not actively follow that many.  I try to, but I simply don’t have the time.  So here are my favourites (plus of course – the two people above who nominated me 🙂 )…

Little Bird Little Bee

Actually, this is the only one I read no matter what.  I’m sorry to all the others – I really am.  I try to read what I can, but there are just so many kind souls out there, and I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook.  I have lost myself completely with Twitter (which is very sad as now I have only crap news on television to keep me informed on what is going on in the world).  But Melissa here, saved my life.  Plus she is awesome.  She gets special treatment.  I hope you all understand.


Disability consumer and activist. Pissed off since 1995... Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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