The Little Things That Matter

After going through all we have in order to move somewhere with a pool, so that the kids and I can exercise and try to keep EDS at bay as much as possible, I realised that it had been over a week since I had been in the water.  So today we went to the pool.  As the main pool is not heated, we went to the lap pool, which is.  It’s summer, but also close to the beach and the wind is rather cold at the moment.

As there are only two lanes, and four of us in the pool, when another resident came in, I made sure the tribe was all in the one lane.  He laughed and said he was just coming in to cool off.  I miss those days lol – it’s such a big deal for us to get in to the pool (and out again), that jumping in for less than five minutes just isn’t worth the hassle.  Jump in he did however, and when he surfaced, he complained about having to go back to work on Monday…

My heart sank.  I don’t work.  BJ doesn’t “work”.  By which I mean we are not employed.  School has been back for six days, and I have spent two and a half of them volunteering, as has BJ because he has to be with me anyway.  We are a two-for-one deal for that school lmao.  But – we are not employed.  So my heart sank.

And then I remembered that I also write.  It’s volunteer work, but he doesn’t need to know that.  And last night, the editor of Autism Aspergers Network Magazine called for submissions to be in for the next issue very soon.  I am writing an article on EDS, and spent half the night starting, only finally falling asleep well after 4am.  I’ve done my time and earned my stripes to reply as I did…

So I chuckled in the pool, and said “yeah, my editor practically told me to pull my finger out last night”.  And he laughed.  And we had a moment of shared experience.  Two people connecting.  It was really nice.

I felt like I was a part of the world.  A part of humanity.

Little things matter.

Thanks B – your timing was awesome lol…


Disability consumer and activist since 2010. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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