January 2015

New Years Day.  The start of all things new.  Again.  Each year, it seems we are given a fresh start.  A “go over” if you will.  Another chance to either get it right, or at least fail less spectacularly than we did the year before.

There seems to be more and more emphasis put on New Years Resolutions these days.  Perhaps it’s simply that the introduction of the internet and social media just thrusts it into our faces more these days.  In any case, the last 24 hours of Facebook seems to be end of year this, and new year resolution that.  Friends are describing their own resolutions and posting articles where other people talk about theirs (or even more boringly – the concept in general – and yes, I get that this is also an article on resolutions and thus probably pretty boring lol – never mind – this post is more for me than you 😉 ).

I don’t like resolutions in the same way that I don’t like making promises in a more general sense.  I hate saying that I’ll do something (or not do something), when I have no real way of knowing if I can live up to it.  It seems immoral to me to make a promise you may not be able to keep.  And resolutions are the worst types of promises – people very rarely keep them, if all those boring articles are anything to go by!!!

Instead, I like to sometimes make a yearly bucket list – things I’d like to do before the year kicks the bucket.  That way, there is no pressure, and no “failing”.  It’s jut a list.  One that can be recycled next year if need be.

Last year was supposed to be a new start for my family.  It was very much that – we moved and the kids started at a new school and we acclimatised to a different style of living (going from a bogan house with few neighbours, to an up-market apartment complex).  None of our move really worked out that well.  There are a thousand different stories and I’ll tell them all one day, but for now all you need to know is that the year ended up sucking pretty badly for us.

We have moved again now – still on the coast, but in a house again – and so far we have had no drama’s and we are feeling much more comfortable as a family unit.  The boys have their own rooms for the first time ever, and they are loving it.  It also gives them their own space to retreat to, and their own space to store their own stuff in!!!  BJ and I each have a desk in the lounge area – his for his computer and mine for scrapbooking.  We have a small lego table set up in the dining room.  And the rest of the house hosts normal house things.

I have had a hell of a year on a personal level, but at the same time, being so busy personally has left me with no time or energy to be an advocate or writer.  I am itching to get back to both.  So I’m going to start my list there…

New Years Bucket List for 2015…

1) Write more.  Finish my book.

2) Advocate more.  Finish our websites (one for access and one for services).

3) Spend time every week scrapbooking, painting, and playing with Lego.

4) For family – spend more time as a family – going climbing, going to the beach, going to the park

5) Go on a holiday.  We really need to make this a priority.  We all need a break together.  Some place that isn’t here!!!

6) Get our medical stuff under control.  I hope to do this every year, but it never happens.  One thing gets under control, then something else comes up.  I’m hoping we can have a break one year though, with no new diagnoses, so that we can finally get on top of things.

7) Be a better friend.  I’m not sure how to be a friend really.  I read stuff in books, but it never seems to be that black and white in real life.  I’m winging it really.  I’d like to be a better friend.  Do friend things.  I nearly got there this year with some new friends, but it still feels like something is missing…

8) Blog more.  I want to keep up with more social media.  It’s a good way to find the information you need to…

9) Have more experiences.  In 2014 I got to fly down to Sydney and appear on SBS’s Insight program.  I sucked at it, but it was an experience I’ll have forever.  I love experiences 🙂

10) Have fun.  Just normal everyday fun.  I want every day to be an OK normal day.  Even if it’s not.

So there you go.  My bucket list for the year.  What is yours???

Disability consumer and activist. Pissed off since 1995... Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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2 comments on “January 2015
  1. Have a great bucket list year!

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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