I Am Wiccan

I just bought two necklaces.  They will cost me $38.00 combined, including postage.  One is a late Christmas present, and the other an early birthday present.!




The blue/purple heart appeals to me for it’s beauty, and the elemental pentagram appeals to me for I am Wiccan.

My spirituality is not something that I talk of very often.  It is something always in my heart, but never on my sleeve.  For the most part, this is because one of the great tenets of my religion is that we do. not. proselytize.  Ever!

Another is that my beliefs stray from the Wiccan norm.  Sort of like a Catholic who doesn’t believe in God lol…  I’ll get to that part soon enough.

Given my purchases, and the time I have at the moment, I thought I would make a start on this post (it may take me a few days to finish it), and explain exactly where I stand with religion and spirituality on a personal level.

First of all though, my political stance on religion.  I believe that everyone should have the right to worship the way that they choose, so long as that worship stays at home, in specific places of worship (such as a church, or forest), or on the person.  I have no problem with you going to church, dancing naked under the moon, or wearing a burqa  – so long as you do it in your own home or place of worship or on your person, and you don’t try to force your beliefs into my life.  Note that there is a difference between talking about beliefs and trying to force them onto others.  Talk about your beliefs by all means – I’d like you to, for I love to learn what people hold dear to them – but don’t try and push them onto, or into, me.  There is no “one god”.  And yet there is only “one god”.  Like Schrodinger’s cat theory – until we open the box, or kick the bucket, all theories are possible.  And they are all theories – there is no “proof” for any religion!

So, feel free to worship, and do so however you wish, but keep it at the personal level.  Be polite about it.

I also believe that government and religion should stay completely separate!!!!!  Countries can be ruled without religion.  You need neither religion nor spirituality to know that murder is wrong.  Indeed, some of the most religious countries on Earth are also the most murderous.  And I’m not talking about just the Middle East here.  In the heart of the American south, where Christianity rules, they execute minors.

You can plaster a religion on someone all you like – it doesn’t make them a good person.  Nor does it make someone a bad person.  All religion is, is our feeble attempt to answer the question – who or what created us?  And then sometimes, we also go on to worship that deity.

On a personal level, I consider myself to be an Eclectic Solitary Wiccan.  Eclectic because my beliefs are not from any one source or set of beliefs, but rather a mishmash of many (and actually, mostly my own musings).  Solitary because I do not belong to a coven or group.  And Wiccan, because of all the religions, this is the one that fits me most.

Wicca is a great religion.  No matter who you ask for a definition, the answer will always be different.  Even the one basic rule – the Wiccan Rede, can be interpreted in different ways.  Some say it says “an ye harm none, do what ye will”, and they mean it literally.  Live your life how you want, on the provision that you do not hurt anyone.  This is my personal definition and the one I live by.  Others prefer to call the Rede the “three fold law” meaning the same thing, however adding a provision that anything you put out in the world will come back to you times three.  Karma.  I don’t believe in karma.  Not even a little bit.

I do believe in living your own life.  This is how I came to be Wiccan in the first place.  It is how I came to be an ex-Christian too.  I was once a Christian, but I just couldn’t get into it.  I read the Bible and it baffled me – why so many contradictions?  Why was God such a cantankerous bastard?  I prayed on it.  I prayed on it for months.  I meditated and it came to me that God doesn’t care how we worship, so long as we do.  Perhaps not literally, for I don’t believe God hates Atheists either!  I mean that God simply wants us to be the best us we can be.  If living by the rules of Christianity helps us to do that, then so be it.  If it mean turning to Allah, then so be it.  And if it means following your true path, and following your personality and your love of nature and your love of animals and your love of ancient ways, then that is alright with him too.

Most Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess.  I still find it hard to break my “God” into two lol.  However I do believe that any “God” has both masculine and feminine traits and I hate that the Abrahamic religions are so patriarchal.  And then I find that I don’t believe in the concept of “God” at all, really.  Not in the sense of an individual.  I see the two halves, the God and the Goddess, as a way of representing Mother Nature (for Mother Nature shouldn’t be all feminine either).  I believe in a life force of energy, rather than a “God/Goddess” per se.  And so while I may speak to the universe, I worship nothing at all.

I also see the five elements (fire, water, earth, wind and soul), as being a part of “greater universe”, and I will often give thanks for them all.

A major area of Wicca is divinity and clairvoyance.  I love my Runes and my Tarot cards.  I do not believe in telling the future, however I do believe that these tools can be useful in honing our senses to what our subconscious already wishes us to know.  So if I “consult” my runes, I’m not fortune telling, but rather I’m trying to hone my attention on what needs it the most.  No matter what rune or card comes up, my brain will figure out a way to immediately and without conscious thought, link that to what I need to deal with most.

I don’t believe in reincarnation.  I just don’t.

And the big one – Magic.  I don’t believe in magic.  Per se.  And yet I do believe in magic.  Confused?  Let me explain.

I do not believe that magic – the type that magicians pretend exists – is true.  Of course it isn’t.  I am a scientist.  Magic in that sense is not real.  No one can make a rabbit appear from a hat.  Most people think of this type of magic when they think of Wiccan magic.  Magic is not this to us however.  At least, it is not this to me.  Instead, think of magic (which is actually spelled magick, for differentiation), as prayer.  Magick is prayer.  That is all.

So it is with most of Wicca.  If people would simply listen, they would notice more similarities with religions such as Christianity, than differences.

Christianity has the Bible and we have a Book of Shadows.

Christians go to church and we cast circle.

Christians pray and we do magick.

We all use candles and incense and water and wine.  We all have alters.  And that big bowl in the back of the church where the Christian babies get their heads dunked?  Looks like a gold cauldron to me!  Our festivals and holidays are similar, regardless of whether you believe that the Abrahamic religions stole them or not.

Most importantly – none of us sacrifice living creatures.  Despite what popular culture would have you believe, Wiccans will mostly refuse to use living wood even to make their tools, preferring instead to only use wood already dead and on the ground.  Our entire religion is based on nature – why on earth would we kill any of it?

So there you have (some of) it.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you like.  And remember – Wicca is as diverse as the Wiccan you are talking to.  We have no ruling elite.  There is no Wiccan institution.  That lack of authority over our lives is what draws most of us to the religion in the first place.

Not for me though.  I liked the cute outfits and the crystals.  I love crystals.

One of my goals this year is to find my spirituality again.  My religion has always been there – I have remained Wiccan over the years.  However I have lost my spirituality.  I have lost my focus.  I hope to regain it this year, and as someone close to me once said, get back the being the “bad ass Wiccan” I once was!

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4 comments on “I Am Wiccan
  1. jude314159 says:

    (this is going to be some semi-coherent thoughts on the post from an atheist who lives in a country with an official, state religion)

    I think we mostly agree. we certainly agree that no one has the definitive answer on the subject so people should just do what feels right, and that your religion shouldn’t dictate my actions (general “you” & “me”). but I don’t feel that strongly about the separation of religion and state. in the UK, we have a theoretically christian state (the queen is head of both church & state), but are relatively secular from a cultural perspective. contrasting my impression of the UK with my impression of the US (theoretically secular, but with powerful right-wing “christian” influence in policy at all levels), makes me believe that the underlying cultural vibe is much more important than any official concept of separation. this is possibly also influenced by the archbishop of canterbury speaking out in favour of same sex marriage and against austerity (which, now that I’ve typed it looks kinda like “I approve of this church. they agree with me”, but our politicians do *need* a voice of reason, and this one might work. maybe… the archbishop has a platform and seems to be using it for good).

    if it’s not too personal to ask, what happens during your personal worship sessions?

    • I would have thought that the US had a culture of centrists, but that the far right wing just had more money for lobbyists etc… but OK 🙂

      Oh – I live in Australia too 🙂 So your official state religion is mine too 🙂

      Nothing is too personal on this blog 🙂 And if I am ever wrong about that, then I’ll let you know lol.

      So, personal worship changes all the time, depending on what I need/want, but I always start with Casting Circle – as per below. Then I might do a spell, or consult Runes, or meditate, and then I Close Circle (basically the opposite of Casting Circle).

      Since having kids, I’ve had to mainly do mini sessions though – I need total privacy and you might imagine I don’t get much of that any more now that I have kids lol. Plus, my husband is allergic to all scent, so burning incense is an issue. But hopefully this gives you an idea.


      Tracing the Circle
      (Draw a circle with Athame in the direction of the path of the sun)

      I cast this circle to be a shield of protection that shall preserve and contain the power that I raise within. May this circle be cast as a boundary between the world of men and the realms of the Mighty Ones. I bless thee and purify thee in the name of the Goddess and the God. The circle is cast. So mote it be.

      Invoking the Elements

      I call upon the guardian of the East and the Spirit of Air. Incense
      Watch from the East and keep this circle safe from harm.
      Witness my workings/rites and guide me throughout.

      I call upon the guardian of the South and the Spirit of Fire. Candle
      Watch from the South and keep this circle safe from harm.
      Witness my workings/rites and guide me thoughout.

      I call upon the guardian of the West and the Spirit of Water. Water
      Watch from the West adn keep this circle safe from harm.
      Witness my workings/rites and guide me throughout.

      I call upon the guardian of the North and the Spirit of Earth. Salt
      Watch from the North and keep this circle safe from harm.
      Witness my workings/rites and guide me throughout.

      Invoking the Goddess and God

      I call upon the gentle Goddess and powerful God to join me in this Circle.
      Guide my heart and mind and soul and guard me in this Circle.
      I call you Goddess and God, be with me now.
      Blessed Be.

      • jude314159 says:

        thanks for that. it sounds…very peaceful. (not that I was expecting blood sacrifices or anything, I mean I get a visceral impression of this bringing a sense of peace that I’ve never gotten from descriptions of eg. church services).

        you’re probably right that the very “christian” americans are noisey rather than common. also, I guess it should’ve been obvious same head of state = same state church. why didn’t that occur to me?

        as a follow up question, you said you cast circles alone. what are your feelings on religion & children? are you waiting for them to express curiosity? how do/will you answer the big questions about creation?

        (for the record, I don’t know but I think I’ll tell future offspring “it’s unknowable, so people just pick the stories and practises that feel true to them” then help them investigate options. that sounds reasonable to me)

        • When we make our wands etc, it is forbidden to use live tree branches. We must only use what is already dead. We don’t kill plant life. So animals are WAY off limits. Some make an exception for food, but from what I have seen, that decision is never taken lightly and usually involves a very good reason.

          I don’t believe in exposing children to religion as a personal pursuit until they come to you as a parent. We will teach our children about all religions, and when they are ready, they can take it from there if they wish. We DO insist they are critical thinkers, so teaching about creation is easy – no one knows for sure but here is where the science is headed at the moment, and this is what various religions believe. We haven’t covered all religions yet. I wanted to wait, but they have a Christian grandmother who crossed a few boundaries :-/ (information presented and even argued as truth rather than “this is what I believe), so my eldest knows a bit about Christianity. They haven’t asked about Wicca, so I haven’t told them anything. They will study it in the same manner as other religions, and if they ask personal questions, I will answer them.

          They are welcome to attend religious ceremonies if they choose to (within reason given their disabilities), but we will insist they don’t actually start “practicing” until they are 13. I intend for them to have covered all religions by then, so they can make an informed choice / gut feeling.

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