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Disability consumer and activist. Pissed off since 1995... Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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We are raising money to cover the boys medical and disability expenses. ALL funds raised go into their own account, to pay for these expenses. Things such as speech therapy, occuptational therapy, psychology, chaperoned sport and social activities, and special equipment etc. I hate having to do this, but hey, if you don't like it, then give me a job ;-). Please click on the photo to go to their GoFundMe page, and thank you for your time (and I do hope, your generous donation *cheeky grin*)!!!

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Photo's of our Aspie House life!
When you’re needing the bed to work, but your dying cat is using it, and you don’t want to interrupt her... 😽🐾 Today was the fifth day of our little heatwave, with temperatures reaching the mid thirties again!  The heat makes me very unwell, especially as we don’t have appropriate cooling at home, but Thursday’s are my big day out, with volunteering in the morning, then going out with my support worker in the afternoon (all of which involves being in places with decent air conditioning). Today, we decided to go for a swim in the late afternoon - this was taken as we arrived at the beach.  It was surprisingly calm, considering the storms brewing all around. #HadAGreatDay #NoFilter 🏖 ❤️ Reading with my little man ❤️ #Reading #SoCute #Snuggles
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