Don’t be fooled – the new vaccination laws are not about vaccination…

Don’t let all the hype fool you. The latest governmental brain fart to force parents on benefits to vaccinate their children else lose their benefits, isn’t about public health and safety. It isn’t about vaccinations. It isn’t about parents and it isn’t about children.

It is about controlling poor people.

And we need only look back at history to prove it.

Back in the day, when daycare centers were becoming popular, someone, somewhere, started making a noise about how “safe” they were in relation to childhood diseases. For some reason (a lack of social media?), no one had ever had the same fears about schools in the past. Before the 21st century hit us, no one cared whether you were vaccinated or not. I guess people just assumed that you were, or at least, that you had the major ones given as a young child. The 21st century and all it’s new ways hit us however, and daycare centers became a big thing, and soon after, laws in relation to vaccinations and child care centers became a big thing. You had to vaccinate your child by law, if you wanted to send that child to daycare. Unless you had a good reason. Or unless you just filled out a form stating “just because I don’t want to”. In any case, it was a LAW. And there was also a law, and there was no getting around this one, that if your child was not vaccinated, and if your child could possibly be infected with a contagious disease, then your child must not attend daycare (and later, school) for x number of days. No matter what, so there!

It didn’t matter if you were on benefits or not. It was just a law. Done. Same rules for everyone.

I guess, in a way, the new proposal is the same. Vaccination is required for everyone. What differs is the consequences if you say “nah, I don’t wanna.” If you are rich and you say, “nah, I don’t wanna,” then nothing happens to you. If you are poor and on benefits and say “nah, I don’t wanna,” then all hell is going to rain down on you as you struggle to pay your rent and feed your family.

Not so long ago, I used to be for vaccination, but also ultimately for choice. I think when we start forcing parents to raise their children a certain way, we are crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed. However there are greater public health concerns when it comes to vaccinations, and just as we don’t have a right to impose our cigarette smoke on others, nor do we really have a right to impose our contagious diseases onto others. Whether or not vaccinations should be a forced issue or not is a fight among adults, but ultimately, it is our children who mostly suffer.

Regardless of whether you are for or against forced vaccinations, I think we can mostly agree that it should be the same rule for everyone yes? With the same consequence! Just as it’s not right to force the poor to live healthy lifestyles while the rich are free to live it up however they choose, and just as it’s not right to force the poor to send their kids to school, while rich kids can roam the streets all they like, and it’s not right to force poor people onto contraception, nor is it right for vaccination law to see a difference in income as the deciding factor in punishment for breaking the law.

There are too many inequities when it comes to the law as it is (such as access to legal representation) – we don’t need to start our laws off with being unjust!

If the government cared about vaccination, they would make it compulsory by virtue of law and if you did now comply, it won’t be Centrelink knocking on your door – it will be Child Safety… and they don’t care how much you earn!!!

The continual demonisation of poor people is going to be the start of genocide.  It always is.  Look at the ways in which this is subtly happening now…  A lack of enough money to buy decent food is leading to poor health, and a lack of decent/any health care is leading to deaths; a lack of hope is leading to depression, and a lack of mental health care is leading to suicides.  And on and on it goes.  Then we have people wanting forced contraception.  How long until we have forced abortions?  How long until we have forced suicides for the disabled?  Or at least, just a continual pressure put upon them until they decide to kill themselves?   All the while, the government demonises us as dole bludgers and cheats and whatnot so that no one pays attention to the true atrocities going on.


Below is a letter sent to us this year from the Vice Principal of the Distance Education Unit the boys were studying with.  Notice how he “threatened” us with action if their work wasn’t handed in on time?  We were also told that exceptions for disability/health etc would NOT be made!!!  It is impossible to live with such paternalism hanging over your head at every single point in your life!!!

Letter to Primary Parents-1

Disability consumer and activist. Pissed off since 1995... Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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