Personal Update #13 – Bikers For Autism Australia and Hospital Episode

I haven’t been online much.  Between my husband’s heart attack and hospital visits and my own hospital visits, and various other things going on, I’ve simply lost my mind.  Possibly it fell under the couch, or maybe I left it in the fridge.  I don’t know.   I do know that while I have sometimes been looking through Facebook posts, and sharing or commenting occasionally, I haven’t been able to keep my loved ones updated because that requires pounding keys on a proper keyboard and until now, I haven’t been able to have my computer on my lap in order to do that.

So, my husband had a minor heart attack two weeks ago.  His tests came back fine – no operations needed, though now he is on more prescriptions drugs than I am (per drug anyway).  Like his high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels weren’t enough to deal with…  How I feel about my husband having a heart attack is a bottle we don’t want to open, so I’m placing it on the shelf with so many other bottles…

I’ve also had my medical issues in the last few weeks.  And once again – I’m not even going there.  If you want details, give me a call.

The kids are fine, although when we needed support while BJ was in hospital, “the system” suggested the kids go to another home instead of sending a support worker here.  It was the first time I have honestly been afraid of losing my kids to “the system”.  I reminded them that the person with the most disability in this house is me, and even if they take the kids away, they’d need to send someone over anyway, because I also need to eat.  So we got 1/3 of the support we actually needed, and I’m still recovering from it all, two weeks later.

Which actually probably isn’t too surprising, especially considering I’ve had medical procedures of my own in that time…  (I’ve been beating myself up a bit for not doing more of late…)

There has been one bit of good news, one shining glimmer of hope…  a friend told me the other day that my family would be the recipients of the first Bikers for Autism Australia Charity Ride!!!  Blew. Me. Away!!!

She also informed me that I can have an ongoing (volunteer) writing gig for an online magazine if I want it 🙂  So I can go back to writing for something, instead   of just writing in my head for nothing.  I’m a writer again!!!  Yay for me 🙂

So anyway – that’s the backbone of what has been going on.   Obviously there has been a lot of details left out.  Like when I had to have my Sigmoidoscopy on Thursday, and I got a migraine and the specialist thought that I was just nervous about the procedure, and I was all like “I’ve got a jackhammer going on in my head – my arse is the least of my problems”, and so I ended up having the procedure without either the normal sedation or the normal anesthetic because the specialist realised what a hard arse bitch I truly am lmao.  I was in and out in twenty minutes and downed my migraine medication asap!

*Sigh*  I am so tired.  The public thinks that people on DSP (Disability Support Pension) simply laze about all day, and do nothing, either for themselves, or others, or they think we just go bowling all the time or some shit – and they’re so so so wrong.  If I’m “lazing” it’s because I’m too sick/sore to move, and I don’t go bowling.  My time is spent filling my life with all these little stories, stories I’ll forget because my memory is shit, but stories nonetheless.  I have way too many stories.  We all need stories to tell.  Whether we’re trying to date or make new friends or just pass time, we all have to have stories to tell.  Most people acquire them here and there, and as they use them, they acquire some more to replace them.  I acquired all I needed for life by the time I was an adult.  I didn’t need any more past the age of leaving home at the ripe old age of 16.  I don’t need any more stories, yet they keep piling up.  I was 21 when my grandmother first told me I had enough stories to write a book (and trust me, she doesn’t know half of my stories!) – imagine how many more I have now.  *cry*  I have enough damn it.  It is someone else’s turn!  People complain their life is too boring – those people can have some of my stories!!!

Ugh, anyway…

Back to some good news…  Here is the poster for the bike ride being done for our family ❤  I still can’t believe they chose us!!!  I didn’t even know they were doing one!!!

Charity Bike Ride Poster



Disability consumer and activist since 2010. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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