Bludgers and Leaners and “Taxed Nots”

Here is a photo of my fridge today…

Photo of Near Empty Fridge

Near Empty Fridge

Some margarine, some butter, some left overs, some eggs, some tortillas, some cheese, some fruit and vegetables, some crushed nuts and some chocolate.

It’s looking pretty fucking empty right?  We moved nearly a month ago, and still haven’t been able to afford a grocery shop to fill it again.  The kids aren’t hungry – they don’t eat a variety of things anyway, and while the pantry has a similar feel of emptiness to it, we have enough to feed us all.

I wanted to post this picture to highlight how a family such as mine – on perhaps one of the highest rates of welfare, still struggles.  We go without medical equipment, medical appointments, therapy, and yes, sometimes even food.

My second thought on the subject however was much more troubling…  “If I post this photo,” I thought, “people will condemn me for having chocolate and brand name Guacomole…” Never mind that the Guacomole was bought before we moved, and probably far past its used by date.  Never mind that the only thing that settles my stomach some days is chocolate, or that some days, I am so exhausted that the only way I can summon the energy to go to the toilet is a sugar rush, or that some of it too, was bought before we moved nearly a month ago.

No, people will just judge, because some people just love to judge and put others down and make them feel like shit for no other reason than because they can.  And I think this issue is actually more important than the state of my fridge.

I’ve been following politics for nearly twenty years now, and although I have probably forgotten more than I have remembered, one thing has stood out in all that time.  Everyone loves to demonise politicians but very few actually hold them accountable.  Very few Australian citizens seemed to like the abuse happening in our off-shore detention centres (regardless of their stance on refugees), yet very few stood up and said “enough”.  The same rhetoric can be said across the board for all issues affecting Australians.  Including Australians on welfare of any kind, who are currently being demonised in the media, and by trolls, because our politicians see us as a very convenient enemy for Australians to get their knickers in a twist over.

And very few people are calling them on it.  Indeed, many are agreeing with them, without having being bothered to research the situation at all.

(Let alone have any type of understanding about economics, but let’s leave that for another day).

Very few are standing up and saying “enough”.

We get the politicians we deserve.

Now I’m not saying that we should all be rioting in the streets over every cause we find unjust.  No one has that sort of time or energy.  However surely we can all do a little rioting over one or two issues??!!??  Surely we can all (mostly – obviously illness and disability sometimes gets in the way of good intentions), find one or two things we are passionate about; one or two things about which we can summon the will to stand up to all around us and say “enough”.

The same people who will judge my fridge without bothering to find out more about my circumstances are the same people who sit on their trolling arses all day, bitching about the state of our country, and yet doing nothing to help either situation.

In this day and age, where we have the anonymity of the Internet; where we have media outlets pushing each other out of the way to cover the latest story of “who cares” in order to be the first to publish something, anything, even that loner down the street waving around a placard sign in front of his/her local MP’s office; where we have technology that is getting cheaper by the day, and available for free at your local library; in this day and age, where have all the people gone???

Of course the government is corrupt and the trolls of the Internet are flourishing.  No one is standing up and saying “enough”.

Hell, when it comes to the government, we can’t even be bothered voting the bastards out.

We get the government (and the trolls) we deserve.

Disability consumer and activist. Pissed off since 1995... Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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Pissed off since 1995. Mad as a hatter since way before that.

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