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Failure to Launch…

    So it’s taking me half an hour to get my computer to work each time I try to get on it of late… but that’s not why I haven’t been writing… And the whole family has been sick

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2015 in review

This is pretty cool – I mean, I write my blog for me, not for fame or money – so stats aren’t usually something I care about.  Which is good because mine suck lol.  But the whole report thing is

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Personally Falling…

Trigger Warning: Detailed Self Injury ideation.   No one wants to hear the ugly truth.  Least of all at this time of year, when we are all supposed to be merry and bright – or at least pretending to be

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If Only People Knew – Employment

I just woke up from a power nap…  I had a dream where someone had coerced the manager of a hotel to interview me for a job in reception/management.  I went to the interview and flirted in that job interview

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Personal Update #13 – Bikers For Autism Australia and Hospital Episode

I haven’t been online much.  Between my husband’s heart attack and hospital visits and my own hospital visits, and various other things going on, I’ve simply lost my mind.  Possibly it fell under the couch, or maybe I left it

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Fucking Dreams!!!

If you don’t love me, don’t read this.  Honestly.  Don’t even go there.  Here.  Leave it alone.  I’ve written these types of posts before but put a password on them because of the content.  I’m making this one public, maybe,

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I’m “Frazzled”

I don’t place much stock in dream interpretation.  I don’t believe that when you dream of airplanes, it means something about freedom or some shit.  Sometimes though, a dream of mine will be so intense, and so significant, that I

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The List

The List. A blog I wrote about a new way to organise our homeschooling day…

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Online (and offline) Bullying

Tonight, two close friends have made the news for awesome reasons.  Both of them do fantastic community work, and due to various reasons, the media have seen fit to advertise their good work.  I personally hope this will lead to

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The Chameleon and the Girl with the Caravan of Art

Chameleon’s.  Girls and women with Autism are great chameleons.  We naturally copy the actions and words of those around us.  Trying to fit in.  Trying to navigate our world.  Trying to learn what it is to be human in the

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