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Personal Update #13 – Bikers For Autism Australia and Hospital Episode

I haven’t been online much.  Between my husband’s heart attack and hospital visits and my own hospital visits, and various other things going on, I’ve simply lost my mind.  Possibly it fell under the couch, or maybe I left it

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The Chameleon and the Girl with the Caravan of Art

Chameleon’s.  Girls and women with Autism are great chameleons.  We naturally copy the actions and words of those around us.  Trying to fit in.  Trying to navigate our world.  Trying to learn what it is to be human in the

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Hips That Aren’t Made For Walking…

I wrote on Facebook yesterday that I had given up.  That I was done.  That I may explain that statement in a blog post.  This is not that blog post.  This is another one. Something unrelated happened yesterday that I

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Personal Update #12

    Ok, so maybe it’s not number 12.  Maybe it’s my first ever personal update.  I’m not sure.  I have had this blog for years and I am too tired right now to go through all my posts to

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Acceptance, Not Awareness for Autism? Not Quite…

It’s Autism Awareness Month.  And today it is Autism Awareness Day.  There is all sorts of Autism Awareness going on.  Organisations such as Autism Speaks are telling us that people with Autism are a burden.  Quite a lot of parents

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The Autism Puzzle Piece

For a person with Autism, the puzzle piece does not represent awareness. It does not represent the puzzle that is Autism. It DOES remind us that we “do not fit in”, rather than reassure us that being different is OK.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Light It Up Blue

What a perfect sentiment.  Friends don’t let friends Light It Up Blue.  I saw this quote today on the Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism Facebook page.  And so I asked if I (or more accurately as it turned out, my

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What is a “Spectrum”?

The Autism Spectrum.  A linear thing, to be sure, if you listen to “experts”.  This six year old child can not speak or go to the toilet, so they are low functioning.  This six year old child can speak and

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Autism Advocacy From Each Side

A few weeks ago, in a FaceBook ASD support group, I was kicked out for daring to mention the divide between the NeuroTypical parents of ASD kids, and adult advocates with ASD.  Just kicked out.  No discussion.  Just kicked. It

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Is There Any Point To Being Diagnosed As An Adult? (and a thing or two about executive functioning and routines)…

Quite often, I read someone asking whether it’s worth being assessed for Autism as an adult.  Given that services for children are rare enough, it all seems too much bother for some people considering there will be no help at

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