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Online (and offline) Bullying

Tonight, two close friends have made the news for awesome reasons.  Both of them do fantastic community work, and due to various reasons, the media have seen fit to advertise their good work.  I personally hope this will lead to

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Don’t be fooled – the new vaccination laws are not about vaccination…

Don’t let all the hype fool you. The latest governmental brain fart to force parents on benefits to vaccinate their children else lose their benefits, isn’t about public health and safety. It isn’t about vaccinations. It isn’t about parents and

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The Autism Puzzle Piece

For a person with Autism, the puzzle piece does not represent awareness. It does not represent the puzzle that is Autism. It DOES remind us that we “do not fit in”, rather than reassure us that being different is OK.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Light It Up Blue

What a perfect sentiment.  Friends don’t let friends Light It Up Blue.  I saw this quote today on the Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism Facebook page.  And so I asked if I (or more accurately as it turned out, my

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Autism Advocacy From Each Side

A few weeks ago, in a FaceBook ASD support group, I was kicked out for daring to mention the divide between the NeuroTypical parents of ASD kids, and adult advocates with ASD.  Just kicked out.  No discussion.  Just kicked. It

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Wiccans, Muslims, and people who like to think they’re Christian, but really, are just bigots…

I’ve been getting myself into a bit of trouble of late.  I’ve lost a dear friend, and possibly a sibling over it all.  And while I mourn that this is the way it has to be – this is the

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Hope and Flight

I just wrote a post that I am particularly proud of…  SBS Insight is discussing the cutting of payments to low income earners (particularly FTB Part B, for parents).  I am talking about our situation and Cindy replied, including telling

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Greens – You’re Doing It Wrong…

A few days ago, I saw that the Greens (political party in Australia), were asking me how the latest budget would affect me. I told them my story. Having a shocking memory means that I do not remember now how

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