Jesters Award


LindaMadHatter Jesters Award

I bring to you, the LindaMadHatter Jesters Award.

An award for bloggers who deserve it, for whatever fun loving reason.

Please feel free to use the above image if you are given this award, or are giving this award (unaltered – copywrite for the artwork belongs to my husband).  If you receive this award, it is polite to pass it on, however there are no firm and fast rules here.  Please also feel free to post recipients below (and the reason for their award, if you are so inclined to share), so we can all check them out 🙂


4 comments on “Jesters Award
  1. Thanking you! 😀 xxxx

  2. […] nominated me for the Linda Mad Hatter Jesters Award which is a  personally created award by Linda Mad Hatter herself to be passed on for […]

  3. […] bloggers. First of all, I was nominated by Linda Mad Hatter and Lost in the Labyrinth for the LindaMadHatter Jesters Award. This award is for any blogger who deserves it, for whatever fun loving […]

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