Quinn’s Story

Quinn was born in 2008, after a fairly straightforward elective Caesarian.  He was cute from the start, however it was his first nappy change that caused my husband and I to look at each other and sigh.  His hips cracked.


I had been having trouble for the second time with my pregnancy (the first time was with his brother, Nicholas).  My pelvis had fallen apart, and my joints started cracking.  After years of general cracking in my joints and back pain, it was starting to become obvious that something was wrong, but at this stage, no doctor was interested.  So when Quinn’s hips cracked, we figured whatever it was, it probably wasn’t pregnancy related, and probably WAS genetic 😦

Without saying it to each other, we knew Quinn would be our last child.  We had been planning on having four.

Aside from cracking joints every time we gave him a hug, and the odd bout of Asthma, Quinn was a great baby, and has been a great child.  A couple of years after he was born, his brother was assessed as having Autism (Aspergers), however Quinn showed little sign of any delays per se – he was behind in a few things, but not behind enough to cause too much concern.  In 2013 however, it became more apparent that Quinn was also on the Autism spectrum.  His speech in particular has been, and still is, rather delayed (and we were seeing  a speech therapist until it became too complicated as my disability was getting worse, and the speechie was an hour away, plus he seemed to be doing ok for a while).  Living with him, I guess it’s easy to not think about it too much, because it’s so cute, and we understand what he is trying to say most of the time – however his teacher has informed us that it is time to go back and see his speech therapist again.  And so we shall, for as long as our funding will allow.

Around this same time, the answers to the mystery of the cracking joints came to us as well – the boys and I all had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome…

There is more medical history in Quinn’s file, however I don’t like to put everything about my boys on the internet.

Quinn is six at the moment, and has many interests.  His first major interest is his big brother!  He has a close bond with Nicholas and the two them love each other as fiercely as they fight one another.


He also loves dinosaurs, his computer and iPad, and whatever Nicky is interested in.  He LOVES to climb, and we take him to an indoor climbing centre (which is also good for his muscle tone!).  He also loves going to the park and the beach, although we have to be careful, as he is allergic to any insect bites, and can end up with huge bleeding sores on his limbs.

2013 - Quinn - Caloundra Holiday 1

And he loves Maxie, his cat.  Maxie is ten years old, and older than Quinn’s older brother, however ever since Quinn was born, he has been Maxie’s boy.  She sleeps next to him as often as we will allow, and comes any time he cries about something, getting in his face and making sure he is ok.

2009 - Quinn and Maxie

Some days, Quinn has it really hard, and while he is prone to the odd meltdown, it is always understandable why he is having one.  He is a very proud little man, and hates to cry in front of people.  He is very brave, and will hold on to his tears through clenched teeth for as long as he can.  You can see the determination in his gorgeous brown eyes.  Usually I am crying before he is, just from watching him!!!  He especially hates being in trouble.  He loves to do the right thing and be a good boy.  He has a heart of gold, and looks after me very well – he was three when he started getting me drinks of water to make me feel better!  Even now, at five, he sometimes gets my medication for me – he even knows the correct dosage.

I love him so much, and wish I could give him everything he needs.


My wish list for Quinn:

Regular speech therapy.  Better shoes – he has orthotics.  Lego – good for fine motor skills and something he is starting to get interested in on his own.  Regular indoor climbing (lessons?) – need support worker.  Regular trips out to park and beach – need support worker.  Educational and productivity programs for his computer.  More life experiences – our family is often stuck at home now due to my disability.

My kids at the climbing gym...

My kids at the climbing gym…

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